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Diversity and inclusion is a trending HR theme right now, but 3 years from now, the most advantageous organizations will be focusing on it. Diversity is a broad term that encompasses gender equality, race, nationality, and more. Inclusion specifically refers to how employees of different backgrounds and identities are included in your company so they feel included and accepted in the community.

It is one of the building blocks to position your HR department to be prepared for a changing workforce that will challenge established norms, strategies, and policies.

Given this, it's important to understand how organizations can prepare for these changes and what we can expect from diversity and inclusion as we look towards 2022.

Diversity and inclusion have many benefits for employees and the bottom line. This article will discuss why diversity and inclusion are important to HR strategies in 2022 today and how we can help you promote them.

But before we discuss further we must understand HR's role when it comes to hiring diverse and inclusive candidates.

The role of HR in hiring diverse and inclusive candidates

HR professionals' key role is to create and empower a diverse culture. The ideal workplace allows employees to learn, grow, contribute, and be respected.

Diversification allows companies to identify new trends as a strategy. This is possible since their workforce reflects their customers. By creating an inclusive environment, they can identify all those elements that motivate staff, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.

After understanding HR's role in hiring diverse and inclusive candidates, let's take a look at what HR can do to promote it.

Why Diversity & Inclusion should be a part of HR Strategy in 2022

Monitor Diversity

Getting a clear picture of diversity in an organization can be challenging.

HR teams must monitor diversity to prevent this. This can be done through audits. Recruitment practices should also incorporate this, not just for current employees. This will allow for progress to be measured more effectively.

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Widen the talent pool

HR should focus on recruiting or developing a diverse workforce when addressing diversity issues. This can be accomplished in many ways.

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Mentoring and Diversity

Mentoring can also take place internally or externally. Some HR professionals volunteer for local youth organizations. This helps grow talent early on and ensures that a wide range of people is aware of the opportunities.


Changes in HR professionals' daily work impact companies' core business practices. The way you handle that change sets you apart from your peers. To remain relevant to incoming talent and stay on top of the competition, companies should keep track of emerging HR trends for strong work culture.