About Us

About Us

MERIT500 is the most up-to-date database for Board, Management Team and Operational Management Team information among the Nordic region's listed companies, largest unlisted companies, and the growth companies. A total of about 6,000 Nordic companies and more than 70,000 individuals are surveyed and kept up to date on a weekly basis.

Our Features

  • Recruiting: The MERIT500 database is a unique digital tool for finding qualified executives. There is a focus on qualified women executives. The database is preloaded with 70 000 Board and Management Team candidates.
  • Sales: Track you most important clients and prospect. Target all listed companies, large unlisted companies and/or unlisted companies with Private Equity as owners. Receive monthly reports concerning the changes in the Management Team and Board.
  • Executive data: Unique information regarding gender balance and compensation for the Board and CEO.
  • Unique gender index categorization:

    The database MERIT500 has the most developed Gender Balance algorithm in the world using a unique seven-level gender index scale.The MERIT500 algorithm is based on balance in the Board, Management Team, and Operational Positions in each company.
    All companies are categorized in one of the following groups: Triple-Balance, Double-Balance, Balance, Non-Balance, Dominance, Double-Dominance, Triple-Dominance.
    Our premium users can search among all of the companies in the MERIT500 database using the whole seven-level scale and the Freemium user can search for any of the ranked Balance-level companies.

  • Gain time: By using the M500 digital tool you save time and energy.
  • Personal data: The domain MERIT500 has a publication certificate that allows handling of personal data without the impact of the EU legislation, GDPR.
  • Proactivity: Make it easy to identify rising stars, the key personnel in growth companies.
  • Northern Europe: We are currently operating in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. However, we will soon be in 21 more countries.