When all the other industries were battling to survive let alone thrive, the technology industry has not just weathered the pandemic-driven disruptions but also flourished. The crisis accelerated digital transformation and changed work models dramatically for many organizations.

According to the report, 2023 Technology Industry Outlook by Deloitte, digital health, estimated at US$211 billion in 2022, is forecast to grow to US$1.5 trillion by 2030, providing enormous opportunities for tech companies to continue growing.

In this landscape of technological triumph, one aspect that remains particularly noteworthy is the remuneration of CEOs in the tech sector. As per MERIT500's analysis conducted on the CEO data of 278 Swedish listed companies for five years, the technology industry emerged as the best-performing sector in terms of CEO remuneration, encompassing both total remuneration and basic salary.

Our analysis revealed that the remuneration of technology sector CEOs has been consistently growing at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24% each year. The analysis, conducted by MERIT500, took into consideration various components of CEO remuneration, including total remuneration, basic salary, variable remuneration, other benefits, share-based remuneration, and other forms of compensation.

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Moving on to thriving tech industries, let's discuss some other reasons why CEOs in tech are leading the remuneration race.

Market Demand for Tech Talent

The tech industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving. By 2023, the global information technology market is expected to grow at an 8.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Companies are willing to offer attractive compensation packages to attract and retain highly skilled and experienced executives. The scarcity of qualified candidates with the necessary expertise and leadership skills drives up the salaries of CEOs in the tech sector.

Performance-Linked Pay

The CEO compensation of various tech corporations is correlated with the performance of the company. CEOs are incentivized to deliver strong financial results, increase shareholder value, and drive innovation. Bonuses, equity grants, and stock options are typical examples of pay models that aim to synchronize the CEO's incentives with those of the company's stakeholders.

Global Competition

Tech companies operate on a global scale and face intense competition from both established players and emerging startups. CEOs must navigate complex markets, deal with regulatory challenges, and stay ahead of technological advancements. The demanding nature of the industry and the need for exceptional leadership often command higher compensation packages.

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