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Gender inequality in organizations is a complex issue that can be seen in organizational structures, processes, and practices. We believe if companies want to grow, they also have to innovate. An organization's ability to do both is dramatically enhanced if they have a culture of equality.

Gender-equal workforces work better in many ways. A stronger and more productive workforce is one of the major benefits of gender equality in the workplace.

That is why our unique database has developed an algorithm that can measure gender equality among the positions of power in the Nordic and German business community at a company level: MERIT500 Power Index.

This algorithm is specially designed to reduce the gender data gap and help you track gender equality in various industries based on market capitalization.


The MERIT500 Power Index uses a seven-point scale ( Triple-Balance, Double-Balance, Balance, Dominance, Total-Dominance, Total Double-Dominance, Total Triple-Dominance) which depends on distribution between men and women on the board and the management. It includes all positions of power, i.e., the entire board, staff, and executive team positions such as CEO, CFO, business area managers, etc.

MERIT500 Power Index

The MERIT500 database has recently released an entirely new ranking called MERIT500 RANKING, based on the MERIT500 Power Index. This algorithm has ranked approximately 2,000 Nordic and German companies, but more than 8,500 companies in these countries can be searched. A total of 20 new countries are being added to the database soon.


Let's have a look at some features of MERIT500 POWER INDEX and MERIT500 RANKING-


  • The algorithm is based on the gender balance of the Board and Management Team and the number of Executive positions in the Management Team.
  • With MERIT500 POWER INDEX, you can find companies with a strong leadership team, a good growth market, a history of strong sales growth, and a large target market.
  • M500 Ranking's filter feature allows you to view gender balance in various industries based on market capitalization.
  • Identify which industries and companies have the highest levels of female participation in the Board, Management Team, and executive positions of the Management Team with its additional filter feature.
  • Our premium users can see the entire seven-point scale. They can also access detailed information about some companies, for example, about their business strategy regarding ESG and Gender Equality and more details about their CEO and their Chairperson.
  • Freemium users can search for any company that ranks at Triple-Balance, Double-Balance, Balance.


Our unique database of MERIT500 helps improve gender equality by ensuring that the data we provide is accurate and reliable.

To access MERIT500 POWER INDEX, get in touch with us today.